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........THE ARTICLE BELOW uses individuals whose history is public knowledge. It demonstrates additional insight into relationships, which may be offered by considering Juno and Jupiter in the light of the research outlined in Binary Stars.

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LENNON, McCARTNEY - making marriage work.

On March 12th 1989 Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman. Eight days later John Lennon married Yoko Ono. Paul and Linda are generally accepted to have been particularly happy. As far as it is possible to judge Yoko appears to have bonded with John so powerfully that she has freely chosen to continue her life with him at her side ‘in spirit’ for decades after his death. Most astrologers would consider the quality of these two marriages is shown by Jupiter having been in Libra at the time of both ceremonies. In fact my research seems to indicate that this placement may have an unfavourable outcome more often than any other and a little deeper thought indicates why this is so. Jupiter in Libra may sound perfect when the invitations are printed out but in fact the king of the gods was very well known for not having properly assimilated all the rules when he signed the register; in particular he seems to have had a great deal of trouble spelling monogamy
      A factor generally ignored in readings is that in order for Jupiter to enter Libran territory he had to have a wife; her name was Juno. She is ignored, except by the few astrologers who seem to believe she rules marriage entirely without any reference to her husband! The success of the two relationships in question here may actually owe a great deal to them having been consolidated while Juno was in Capricorn, where she is rather comfortable. The sign allows her far more self-expression than is generally understood. Juno has also been offered up as a candidate to rule Libra but in fact marriage never suited her character, it was simply the best way she could maintain some level of respect under the circumstances. Prior to the minor matter of being raped by Jupiter she had no need for and no interest in a husband because she was queen of her own kingdom. Marriage stripped her of her high status and confined her within something exceptionally unfair and unbalanced, and which she certainly did not rule. If at a wedding she is allowed to maintain something of her original position she is considerably mollified. Juno in Capricorn is often in this happier condition. At these particular Lennon and McCartney weddings Juno describes two women who already had a career and social status and who would both gain more, rather than lose it, through their partnerships.
     Those who are interested in a good partnership are well advised to consider the condition of the lady as well as the gentleman and to do it at least as often as they enquire about the health of Venus. Venus has appeared more important than all the other women because she was the only one allowed to keep her own planet and shop a lot but this was mainly because she was hot. We must remember that Venus is also the only woman allowed on stag night, where she is specifically employed to be everything a wife is not. Her shelf life is limited.
     Men are not alone in breaking vows and Jupiter indicates many things but, when relationships are considered, regarding Jupiter as a symbol for Husband is a very useful starting point. John Lennon therefore becomes the embodiment of Jupiter in Libra in his wedding to Yoko. After the marriage he spent a period of time living with another woman. Additionally, according to his biography, this same man had also admitted to his first wife, Cynthia, that he had been unfaithful with hundreds of women, although he had expected absolute fidelity from her. This is in fact an archetypal Jupiter! The king of the gods refused to be bound within the confines of Libra and live happily ever after. Meanwhile Juno was revered for continuing to behave herself impeccably while ultimately tolerating his affairs. Yoko’s chart, John’s chart and that of their wedding imply a woman who understood how to manage the situation, so that they both gained the benefits of true partnership in the end. Jupiter in Libra may indeed bring the joy from the married state that is usually assumed natural but it needs careful management and, or individuals who are not only well suited to each other but also comfortable with the requirements of a pair bond.


chart 1


    John’s natal chart has Jupiter in Taurus, closely conjunct Saturn. This is a man who sees that Husbands carry a heavy burden. In fact the addition of Saturn does not appear necessary for Jupiter in Taurus to feel weighed down, he is already fairly unhappy in the sign. In John’s case the symbol for Husband is a particularly bad fit for his Aries Ascendant and Aquarian Moon. This is especially awkward since his Sun is in Libra, close to the Descendant. Both the Sun and Jupiter are ruled by Venus, in Virgo, probably on the sixth cusp, this does nothing to liven up his image of life after marriage. The time is approximate, so the Sun may have been in the seventh, increasing his need for a life partner or it may have been in the sixth (and Venus the fifth) and describe the man who formed a working partnership with Paul McCartney. Whatever is the case Lennon needed another half but his inner concept of Husband was not the best incentive to marry. His father had left when he was very young and he was raised by his aunt Mimi, who it seems had a steady and conventional husband. The man who left, presumably because the burden was too much and the man who raised him, who seems to have carried the load stoically, both formed Lennon’s image of what made a Husband. Jupiter in Taurus and conjunct Saturn was first manifested in him personally when he married against his inclination because Cynthia was pregnant. Juno, the symbol for Wife, is in Leo in the fifth. Unconventional as he preferred to be any other choice was just too much in 1962.

Juno may be used to indicate Wife but it also hints at what the marriage costs, either in terms of what is sacrificed for the relationship to take place or what is put in to make it work. It seems to have been Cynthia who embodied John’s Juno in Leo at this point, they met at art college and she gave up her creative work to run the home and raise their son. Although this was standard at the time she had actually been planning to work herself and keep John, so that he could pursue his music. Juno is sextile to and ruled by the Sun in John’s chart, this seems to reflect the fact that Cynthia acted willingly because she wanted what she knew was a very special man. He did not at that stage have money.


chart 2


    Although no birth time was available for Cynthia it is still possible to see that she has no positive aspects between Jupiter and Juno, which are appropriate symbols for Husband and Wife, or their rulers. Nor between them and the Sun and Moon, which are the usual significators for Man and Woman. The nearest positive interaction between the major characters and their rulers is a fairly wide and separating trine between the Sun ruler, Mercury and Saturn, which rules Juno. Otherwise the only aspect that might seem to give hope for contentment in relationships is the conjunction of the Sun and Venus. Unfortunately  this rarely infuses a life with the warm, fuzzy glow commonly expected by those who ignore combustion, even when it occurs in cases where Venus is not also in fall . This woman expects partnership to involve work and duty, she expects a Man to work. She also expects her Husband to be free and happy at the same time. Man and Husband are not identical, one is a role taken on by the other and here there is s a bad fit between the two. Jupiter is well placed in Aries, Mars in Capricorn. She expects her Husband will work and innovate in his career but Jupiter in Aries is not suited also to embody her Virgo Sun. Lennon is a better fit for her Jupiter than her Sun in terms of his personal, instinctive action and reaction. The earth in his chart is not attached to his concept of himself but to his ideas of his partner and the nature of partnership (and he does not much like it.) If on any level she expects him to embody her Virgoan image of Man his reaction is likely to be that nobody expected Virgo from him until he married. Since his own symbol for Husband has a character that is not a million miles from Virgo it is likely that John felt the full weight of his own natal Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Saturn drop on him but, unless he realised the problem was matrimony itself, it would appear to be by her hand. In this relationship Cynthia would have to do the Virgo herself. Her Juno in Aquarius is ill at ease, despite having rule by Saturn in common with Capricorn, where Juno is comfortable. The Waterbearer cares less about maintaining, consolidating or enhancing a position than changing it, this offers far less to Juno. In addition Aquarius offers no scope for the emotional depth of the goddess. Even if Cynthia had a Moon in the last degrees of Cancer her expectations or experience of marriage is of a cool thing. Add the Juno ruler, Saturn, in Taurus, conjunct the south node, to all her natal Virgo and she relieved John of all the boring bits of partnership as is if it was natural and it seems she had few regrets. Neptune is close enough to her Venus and Sun to suggest sacrifice in relationships, a creative man working in music, a man she idealised, a man she may not have fully understood and a man who deceived her.




     The chart of their wedding has both Jupiter and the Sun in rulership. Juno is ruled by the Sun (as in John’s natal map) and the Moon is in Gemini. He far outweighs her in strength. Jupiter, in his own (fishy) sign, in the fifth, is trine Neptune, this repeats the theme of a Husband who works in music and underlines the potential for him to engage in affairs. In his defence he was very young, he knew he was not ready for marriage and his life offered him a phenomenal amount of encouragement to stray. He was also managing an unprecedented level of fame in a world on the edge of great change. Not every phase of history has Jupiter opposite Pluto while Uranus is applying to join it, and Lennon was representative of the shifting tide, if not one of its prime movers.
     Juno at the Midheaven is Cynthia thrust into the spotlight, ruled by a Man conjunct Regulus and applying to Uranus. Here is the unusual, rebellious individual with sudden and extraordinary success but here is not stability. At the base of this chart is Saturn in Aquarius, at the south node, this match originated because the rules of society said it must. The Libra Ascendant and Venus in Libra declares it is a marriage. Juno will almost do for sextile the Moon and the Moon is trine Venus, Cynthia, and probably the families, were sufficiently contented to have the partnership but the Moon is square Jupiter while Juno and Jupiter are only 10 minutes off an inconjunction. This is not a pair.


chart 4


    Despite having had two marriages before meeting Lennon Yoko’s chart contains a little more hope in the matter of relationships. She has Juno semisquare Jupiter in common with Cynthia. John himself carried Juno square Jupiter, none of them would find it easy to reconcile Husband and Wife or the more abstract matters that these two symbols represent. Yoko however has Juno trine her Jupiter ruler, her blueprint of Wife is in harmony with what shapes and motivates her Husband, her nature and expectations are unlikely to obstruct his progress. It is possible that marriage actually supports his growth. Additionally Yoko has Jupiter in mutual reception with its ruler, and better still, the two are in the signs which, together, in the sample I tested, tended to indicate the best outcome for marriage. Her first two marriages did not work. This may be because Jupiter in reception with his ruler tends to indicate that what Jupiter wants Jupiter will get. Perhaps this was precisely the problem, seen from her perspective, in the first two relationships. Her Moon is ruled by Jupiter, in her early years this is likely to have indicated a belief that a Woman naturally defers to her Husband. I infer from the events described in Lennon’s biography that by her third spouse Yoko had decided it meant this Woman wants this Husband but she had also decided what she would and would not tolerate to keep him. She may have been ruled by desire but no longer by compulsion.
     Her image of a Man and a relationship is Aquarian, this is found in John’s Moon and so she also reflects his idea of Woman. His Aries Ascendant and Libra Sun can both find companionship with Aquarius. Her idea of a Husband is Jupiter in Virgo and very different from her concept of Man; no less than Cynthia she expects a Husband to work. He comes attached to Mars, she also expects, energy, independence and vigour. The package as a whole appears similar to the concept Cynthia has but the difference seems to lie in the fact that for Yoko it is very definitely Husband, not Man, who is expected to do Virgo and when allied to that role Virgo means fidelity. Jupiter is debilitated in the sign, which means he cannot behave as he wishes but in this context that is often a big improvement. Virgo suits Juno rather well because she is all about fidelity and duty. My investigations suggest that when the sign is connected to either of the archetypal spouses the results tend to one extreme or the other. Jupiter constrained by drudgery can go very bad ways but if Juno can get him voluntarily to take on the duties of partnership and agree to stop philandering because she and the other rewards are worth it then the result can be a very happy pair. For it to work Jupiter must still have some outlet suitable to his nature but in a chart where he is in mutual reception with his ruler in Pisces it is there.
     Once this woman forbids her Husband to own the Virgo / Pisces reception all to himself and so get what he wants unchallenged she forces him to negotiate with his ruler and live by Virgoan rules, which are a good substitute for those of Juno. It is very likely Jupiter will accept peace with his ruler because he is not forced into total capitulation, the two have equal power. Mercury cannot live without also honouring the ways of Jupiter in equal measure. Yoko allowed John to live with another woman for a time but then she made the terms upon which he was allowed to return. We can describe this by saying that at this point she had taken hold of half of her own natal reception.
     The next stage is to remember that anything begun in Virgo bears its fruit in the opposite sign of Pisces. Also to realise that the fidelity and effort made by Juno leads to the rewards shown by Jupiter. In this case the two things mesh and the prize in both cases is offered by Jupiter in Pisces; it is expansion, not by incorporation, but by fusion. The two can truly become one with the advantage that the new form is alive and truly comfortable for Jupiter. When both sides accept the terms Juno ceases to be only the Wife and Jupiter is no longer just the Husband. Instead Jupiter becomes the symbol of the gifts obtained by them both, in exchange for the sacrifice, good faith and effort given by the Juno component in them both.

Virgo is similar to one face of Juno, it is my opinion that Scorpio is at least as appropriate. It can supply something of what Juno needs for herself, rather than what others expect her to do to get it. Yoko herself has Juno in Scorpio and, very interestingly, it is conjunct the Juno in Paul McCartney’s chart. This suggests the asteroid was significant in forming the connection with John in both partnerships. Juno in Scorpio implies that both Paul and Yoko expected powerful bonding on all levels when they entered the thing called marriage. When Juno in Scorpio achieves this difficult but appropriate goal she can be found amongst the happiest of pairs. Yoko with John and Paul with Linda seem to have experienced the best of her. On the other hand if this Juno is betrayed, or believes she has been, then the mythic shrew may be released in all her rage but this too reflects the archetype. John and Paul, who entered a different kind of partnership, appear to have split on bad terms and money became an issue in the aftermath. Heather Mills also has Juno in Scorpio, conjunct Paul’s Juno. The two of them carry an image of partnership that is on some level very close, what they termed the proper nature of marriage and what they expected to put into a partnership was, in essence, very similar. Unfortunately other things were not and Juno in Scorpio eventually became visible as the symbol of what was lost because of marriage, the world witnessed the division of their joint possessions. Scorpio deals with deeper matters but these were, and should be, private.


chart 5


     In the wedding chart of John and Cynthia the Sun and Jupiter are both in rulership. In the wedding chart for John and Yoko Jupiter rules the Sun, now the role of Husband dictates the behaviour of the Man. Assuming this situation has been freely chosen and the Sun is in Pisces, rather than Sagittarius, it appears to be a good sign. Jupiter in Libra is ruled by Venus conjunct Moon and Saturn, he is bound by his relationship to his Woman. He has not been redesigned, just modified, Jupiter is conjunct Uranus (rather than the Sun conjunct Uranus as it was when he married Cynthia) but both planets are close to the sixth cusp, he may continue to rebel against his bonds or put this energy into his work. Juno in this wedding is not only in Capricorn but trine the Ascendant, which, surprisingly, is Taurus. The rising sign is less shocking when we realise it is an echo of Lennon’s natal Jupiter, conjunct Saturn, in Taurus, which shapes his image of Husband and therefore affects his idea of marriage. It is also a mark of the level of stability in the match despite the external action. In addition it implies that he had accepted, or would finally come to accept, the yoke of the Bull. That Venus is in detriment, conjunct Saturn in fall and also a Moon with no real strength, all in the twelfth seems not to have outweighed a relatively contented Juno and the earlier solar force newly realigned to accept the task at hand. (More comments will be offered shortly on the matter of Saturn in fall, which was shared by Paul and Linda.) Venus and Moon ruled by Mars, in Sagittarius is actually appropriate for John and Yoko, who began by staging a protest instead of tiling the bathroom like the rest of us. I have no evidence to prove it but wonder if it is possible that in the case of high profile individuals the twelfth might indicate the parts of life they manage to keep private, as often as it shows what is undermining, It might therefore be less often ominous.


chart 6


     Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman have many of the same elements in their wedding chart as John and Yoko because their wedding took place eight days earlier. In the sample I tested while researching for Binary Stars a Gemini Ascendant at a wedding did badly, when compared with the other signs. Both couples in fact have several symbols that tended to occur much more frequently in the wedding charts of the divorced than the happily married; one of these was Saturn in Aries. All astrologers know that no sign is always negative and that no one, or even three, difficult factors will damn a whole chart,  however I believe there are other issues to confront before we use this as all the reason we ever need to justify our craft and move on. The first of these is to realise that that the charts of well-known people, most of whom have a high level of what is considered success, may need a different approach from that taken when reading for Mr and Ms Average. Most books are based on the charts of the rich, the exotic, the eccentric, the perverted, the dysfunctional and the stoned simply because they sell better but this is likely to distort our experience and understanding of the ways in which the symbols manifest in the average life.
     Secondly we should keep in mind that when astrological lore is not based on what has been observed in, and relevant for, the Emperor, his men and their rivals much of it is constructed by a method that is rather like picking two or more ingredients out of the fridge and imagining what they ought to taste like mixed up together and fried. One of the results of this method is the general expectation that Jupiter in Libra must equal joy in, and benefits from, marriage. That Saturn in Aries equals an individual who is restricted from action, perhaps while a retired stonemason and an arthritic sword polisher settle a dispute, is another such imaginary pudding. Given a good understanding of the principle ingredients it is unlikely that the imagination is wholly useless, all the time. In my test sample something really did appear to be wrong with Saturn, in fall, in Aries in a relationship because it did appear in a marriage that went bad ways more times than Saturn in any other sign. However this has to owe something to the fact that my test sample was deliberately composed of ordinary people, who rarely initiate anything grand and are frequently obstructed. When the astrologer observes Saturn in Aries in the average, uninspiring life the bad planetary placement is confirmed as one of the culprits. For the individual who is suffering restriction, whoever or whatever is actually to blame, the partner is frequently confirmed as the only culprit. Since the freedom to choose when and what to start is less often a problem at the top of the social heap than at the bottom there is less need to blame the partner for the way life turns out. A debilitated planet may not be fun but, depending upon its nature, it may be far less dangerous to the duchess than the dustman. Even our imaginary puddings must change taste, depending upon who owns the fridge. Saturn in Aries is less likely to mean blocked individuality when you have already become Lennon, McCartney or the women they chose. Even if any of these four people had tended to block their partner, once they were actually married, the other bits of their lives still left more scope for personal freedom than average. We must be open to other interpretations, which are perhaps less negative, for Saturn in fall in these two pairs.
     The majority of the wedding charts included in Binary Stars were of first marriages. One of the very happy and long married pairs, whose wedding occurred with Saturn in Aries included a woman who was older than average because she was divorced with children, at a time when it was considered shameful. Not being first was certainly a problem at this wedding but not necessarily because it described something wrong within the relationship. A symbol that is normally regarded as damaged may be entirely appropriate in a particular situation because it simply describes circumstances. Furthermore, a ‘damaged’ planet may be more appropriate for certain circumstances than one in ‘better’ condition. John, Yoko and Linda had all been previously married and Paul had also been in a fairly long prior relationship. Lennon and McCartney were extraordinary and Linda and Yoko were not average. Saturn in Aries for these couples does not represent an inability to act, they already had. It is not reasonable to suggest it is a symbol of a thwarted desire to be first, the men had already initiated something on a global level. The women not only belonged to the first generation who were permitted to work in men’s jobs but they had both achieved independent success. Both pairs worked together after marriage and there is no evidence that any of them inhibited their spouses. Saturn in Aries at these two weddings may be descriptive of older people, second partnerships and perhaps fear of rushing in. It may also be the case that what it symbolises is the inhibition of rash or selfish behaviour, which was beneficial in the circumstances. Astrology must always consider context as well as rank. In relationships Jupiter with too much power seems problematic and some restraint appears preferable. Saturn affecting Jupiter or his signs was not always the right type of restraint but Jupiter in detriment often appeared to be. Saturn in fall may sometimes represent something positive in a second marriage. I hope to gather more examples of second marriages, to compare them with the first group. (Further comments on planetary fall, which may be relevant to these two cases, are offered in Binary Stars.)
    From consideration of the small number of second marriage charts I already have I suspect that the south node helps indicate something about the previous marriage. More work is needed to confirm this but it may be that in the two marriages under consideration here the Jupiter conjunct Uranus, in Libra, at the south node describes earlier behaviour by a husband and a previous divorce. The symbolism does fit John Lennon and Astrodatabank informs us that Yoko’s first marriage included casual affairs. The symbolism may or may not fit Linda’s previous experience of partnership. Whatever her personal history the south node seems to be some kind of foundation or earlier experience and the north where the pair ought to be headed. Given both men had already led unusually successful and interesting lives and the women were to join them, in a new phase of their work, the symbols become more apt to be descriptive and less dangerous. Few people are able to do Jupiter, Uranus as exceptional fortune; I would normally regard the combination, particularly in Libra, with strong suspicion even in a bishop with a passion for computers.

What both pairs have in common is also the Juno in Capricorn referred to earlier. In the case of Paul and Linda it is conjunct the Moon and in the seventh house. This combination may be strong enough in its own right to offset a lot of difficulties. In an attempt to assess its strength I went back and checked my whole test sample and discovered that;

The wedding Moon in the 7th, in any sign, was three and a half times more common in the pairs that were happy, for twenty years or longer, than in the pairs who divorced.
The wedding Moon conjunct Juno, irrespective of sign or house, was twice as common in the happy as the divorced.

In addition Juno in Capricorn had already been established as almost twice as common in the weddings of the happy pairs compared with the divorced, it was in fact the third most favourable sign placement at a wedding. (Note; the NATAL situation was very different because the circumstances are different.)

     In addition Juno seems relatively happy when combined with factors indicative of a link to status, the career or just work. In total the Juno square Jupiter in Paul and Linda's wedding becomes much less of a problem. They also have Mars in the 6th, from where it rules Venus and Saturn, which helps tip the partnership in a positive direction. Mars also rules Neptune on the sixth, which does double duty as significator of his music and her photography.
     Juno conjunct the Moon says that there is no division between Woman and Wife. Also that the marriage is compatible with what makes the two people comfortable. Linda’s chart shows the Sun, Juno and Mercury in Libra. Venus may be technically in detriment but she is conjunct the Ascendant and the Moon, and rules the 7th. A very close pair bond is the means by which this woman will define herself, and through which, she will see the world. The very significant part of her nature that desires a mate is appropriately described by the Moon conjunct Juno in the 7th, at their wedding; their joint status and a working partnership is depicted by the conjunction being in Capricorn.


chart 7


     Alongside Linda’s strong desire to form a relationship her chart shows the potential for problems reconciling her need for a very deep emotional attachment with the expectation that her Husband would not only be Gemini shaped but in detriment and at the bendings! Strong Libran tendencies can often lead to an early and inappropriate marriage. Linda was divorced by the age of 22, the placement of her natal Jupiter would suggest that somebody or something was torn in two, in some manner. More than a few of us would need a practice run before getting Gemini and Scorpio to form an effective team. Her Ascendant, Moon and Venus are all ruled by Mars. The good news is Mars is in rulership, in a house where his energy can be useful and sextile Jupiter. Here is the hope. What rules the Wife and the Woman is in harmony with the nature of Jupiter her Husband, who, although he may be made of something lightweight, is in the 8th and ruled by Mercury in Libra. He may not be highly emotional by nature but he does want to pair up and he exists in a house that is highly suited to the demands of a pair bond. Paul’s Sun is conjunct that Jupiter and very close to the Gemini Ascendant in the wedding, which reduces its power for trouble. His nature may be fundamentally air and fire but that suits her image of Husband and is compatible with her image of Man. There is an argument as to whether his time of birth was 2 am or 2 pm. Whichever time is chosen the signs on the Ascendant / Descendant axis are Virgo and  Pisces, these are the two that occurred most often in the happily married couples in the sample tested for Binary Stars.  All this is to the good but it is still the case that, on the face of it and by normal astrological interpretation, he does not appear to be made of the right stuff to meet her need for grand passion. The pair have Moon square Moon and Venus Square Venus. What is more important and explains the depth of their bond is that his image of Husband is shown by Jupiter in Cancer, and it rules either his Ascendant or Descendant, either way it is in harmony with his version of Juno the Wife. This blueprint of Wife and marriage is not made of the same stuff as the rest of him, it is shown by his Juno in Scorpio; what he is in the rest of his life may be different but where this man’s partnership is concerned the depth is there!  And this Juno, who may be considered something close to the archetypal form, sits on her Ascendant. She sees, feels and knows that part of him and she in turn powerfully embodies his idea of Wife.



Biographical Sources are;

    1. Lennon the Definitive Biography, Ray Coleman. Published by Pan.

    2. FAB an Intimate life of Paul McCartney. Howard Sounes. Published by Harper Collins

    3. Lois Rodden’s Astrodatabank